Scope of Business:
1/ Import,Wholeseller & Retailer of Mobile Phone Accessories
2/ Trade In used Mobile Phones
3/ Repair & Services of all kind of Mobile Phones
4/ Mobile Phone Rental Service (Subject to availability)

"All the pictures in this WebPage were taken by
AIPTEK Pencam Digital Camera"

Basically, these things are Universal Serial Bus (USB) webcams with memory. They've got low resolution (352 by 288 pixel), low cost, colour video sensors complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) instead of the more expensive, lower noise, higher sensitivity Charged Couple Devices (CCDs) used in higher resolution cameras but they've got a block of RAM in there too, and batteries, so you can unplug them from the computer and take pictures on the run.
Come back, plug the USB cable back in, and the camera runs like an ordinary tethered webcam, except you can download what you shot as well as take new pictures and (silent) video.
The cameras are Windows 98 only, like a lot of USB products.

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